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Wedding Film Teasers

Wedding Films

Your wedding is a big deal; we mean HUGE deal! You’ve spent so much time planning, coordinating, and picking out the perfect vendor team for your wedding day. One of the films we love to produce after a wedding is wedding film teasers. These are typically released up to one week after the wedding, and our couples love getting these, especially when they are on their honeymoon.

Sarah and Zac’s Teaser – The Cottonwood Hotel, Omaha, NE / Cafe Postale, Omaha, NE / The Pella, Omaha, NE

What we love about Wedding Film Teasers is that they are perfect for sharing with friends and family, plus they give you a little preview while you wait for your entire film. The average turnaround time when producing an entire wedding film is typically about three months. A lot goes into making a wedding film, from filming, sorting thru footage, music selection, audio clean-up, color correction, and editing.

View more teasers below

Caitlin and Michael – Haiku Mill Wedding, Maui, Hawaii

Lauren and Nathan – Cafe Postale, Omaha, NE / St. John’s Creighton, Omaha, NE / The Ackerhurst Dairy Barn, Omaha, NE

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