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Wedding Tip Wednesday / Episode 8 / DJing and Dancing in the midst of a pandemic

Wedding Tip Wednesday

With the release of the new restrictions for weddings, I have heard from a lot of brides and grooms who are concerned about being able to have the wedding of their dreams. Here I will talk about one aspect of your special day that I want to make sure you can still have, DANCING! Tune in and hear what I have to say about it!

Co-Owner Joel Rudloff chats about the June 1, 2020 regulations that have been implemented for Nebraska wedding venues and events. Nebraska is the one and only state that has a “no dancing” rule in effect for June 2020 weddings. Tune in to what Joel has to say about “no dancing” and what fall brides should take into consideration for their wedding plans. Also check out our DJ Panel talking about alternative options and more information about event entertainment in the midst of the COVID19 pandemic

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