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Wedding Tip Wednesday / Episode 6 / DJ Panel discusses how they are adapting to Covid19 events.

Wedding Tip Wednesday

What will receptions look like in 2020? How are your local DJs preparing to respond to the changing needs in light of the current COVID19 situation? Can we still have fun and social distance at receptions? How can we still give you the best reception possible while? These questions and more will be answered by our panel of DJ experts. Join us as we hear from Conrad of Image Entertainment, Jesse Swanson of Chaos Productions, and James Cloyd of Talk About It Entertainment. Join us here on this event page for a live stream of our panelists discussing how we can still make your reception fun, memorable, and awesome!

8:47 – Small Weddings and Receptions

11:11 – Jesse talks about an experience with an intimate wedding

12:43 – Joel talks about intimate weddings and making it stress free

14:55 – Joel talks about protecting microphones at receptions

16:56 – Jesse talks about keeping social distancing while dancing

19:18 – James talks about being creative about social distancing and seating arrangements

21:06 – Joel talks about working with caterers to control dinner service

23:38 – Conrad talks about working with our couples to be creative in our entertainment

27:25 – Joel talks about having a “spread dancefloor” and being flexible

28:57 -Conrad talks about making sure ceremonies are perfect

31:09 – Jesse talks about incorporating your first dance into your ceremony

33:00 – James talks about bringing the fun to people that can’t attend

34:35 – Joel talks about being a professional and being a resource for couples

36:22 – Conrad’s final thoughts

40:01 – Jesse discusses limits on gatherings and communicating with your elected officials

41:30 – Joel discusses the current restrictions and lack of a plan for future restrictions

44:30 – Jesse’s final thoughts

45:06 – James’s final thoughts

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